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Someone once told me the circles of life get smaller and smaller as you get older . Due to the true nature of that statement, I found the abandoned house that took hold of me and never let go. Through finding that house I came in contact and became good friends with the last family to live there, nearly twenty years ago. My photographs document my time spent there, and the people I love who I shared my secret place with.
My paintings are abstract versions of a diary. Originally, I painted "like old ladies cross-stitch," just for fun, without intent of anyone ever seeing them. As time passed, however, the exhibitionist in me took hold and I sent my paintings out into the world to see if they were accepted. For the most part, not so much. This only inspired me to be even more real and raw with what I paint. Also included on my website are prints created by screenprinting and woodcut. These drawings turned to prints often show the maternal instinct that resides in me, as well as my fascination with the embryo as a symbol of beginnings.
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