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3778 Temple Drive
LEX KY 40517 USA

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Born in Southern Florida in September of 1969 and a proud resident of
Lexington, Kentucky.
Having always held the complete belief that I am a special human, possessed
of a wonderful gift to see more than what is visible to the naked eye, has made
it easy to never lose faith that I would live a life that would have me feeling so
good that I canít wait to get up each day.

I have never given up searching for that magic key that will unlock my full
potential as a spiritual being.
Creating art is something I have always just done.
I started painting as stress relief from my successful garden design/landscape
company, then as a passionate hobby, and now as a full-time profession.
I have worked hard and been lucky, and enjoy an energetic international
To date I have sold more than 525 paintings worldwide.
I am open to this lifeís adventure, I am free, and these motivational quotes,
and my oil/mixed media paintings help me find my path to living a rich and
vibrant life.
My discoveries are openly expressed in my bold color choices and imagery. I
find life lessons and inspirations to be a form of magic.
Magic is after all, timeless and eternal, waiting for each of us to find it, making
the old hardness new and joyful, turning the past into new seed for our fertile
I want to remember why I am here now;
so I create these artworks today to tell my story.
Welcome to my World.
You can also see the newest work from the art studio (me) and read my daily blog at:

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