Jeffrey Scott Holland
11822 Duane Point Circle, Unit 102
Louisville KY 40243 USA

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I work in a primitive, post-neo-expressionist style that is often heavy with line and thick with impasto. For the patient observer, a gradual bigger picture of what I am doing may be formed by studying what I choose to paint and why.

My work is about secrecy vs. openness, mystery vs. revelation, rural vs. urban, certainty vs. uncertainty, wave vs. particle. Just as my creating the paintings are an intuitive process, so must it be for the viewer to observe them; Iím not going to hold anyoneís hand and walk them through the weltanschauung. I loathe artists who insist that you must read a convoluted essay-length manifesto in order to properly "understand" their work in its "proper context", so I donít talk about it that much. Itís like getting laid in college: the ones who talk the most are the ones who are actually doing the least.

My work is about iconic imagery - not just from our own time, but from the entire track of our universeís history. By "iconic imagery" I donít mean mere symbolism, nor do I mean "icons" in the sense of famous personalities, i.e. "Michael Jackson is a pop icon". No, these images I choose contain meta-information that will have some subliminal impact on you, the viewer, whether you realize it or not. Dissemination and propagation of these images is my primary goal. Dissemination and propagation by any means necessary.

My work is not for the jaded, the ironic, the unenthusiastic, the terminally hip, the perpetually bored. Iím looking for people whose joie de vivre knows no boundaries.

I come not to bring peace, but a paintbrush.

- Jeffrey Scott Holland, July 1, 2007

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