David Walinski
1464 S. Second St.
Louisville Kentucky 40208 USA

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My art attempts to capture those quick-flash moments that fill our lives each day, images that flash across our eyes for a second before theyíre gone. My paintings try to preserve those isolated, forgotten seconds on canvas: a permanent record of scenes that otherwise would long be forgotten.

You drive down a street each day, going to work. At a stoplight, you glance over at a restaurant. You see it every day, but you really donít pay much attention to it. You really donít look at it. If someone later asked you to describe it, you fumble for words.

Talking with a friend while walking around St. James Court, you pass by the fountain. You look up at it briefly before moving on. Youíre engrossed in conversation, so you really donít see the fountain, but the image is lodged in the back of your head somewhere. It becomes a part of the moment, whether you realize it or not.

A familiar sign for a favorite tavern. You couldnít tell anyone what its address is, but of course you know its name. You tell them to look for the sign, but have you ever really looked at it? Signs are everywhere. We depend on them to get around. But once we find the place, we donít give the sign a second thought. If we really looked at them, we might be surprised at their intricacy.

My art is a celebration of the pulse and energy of the city. A city has so much vibrancy, we have to tune out most of it. Too much information will drive you crazy. But thousands of isolated moments define our experience of the city each day. My art attempts to capture a few of those moments permanently.

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