Hillís of Kentucky-Chris and Cathy Hill
330 Inverness Avenue
Louisville Ky 40214 USA

Phone: 502-367-8742
Contact: Cathy Hill-Chris Hill
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I and my husband Chris are mixed media artist. Most of our themes are landscape in nature but we also do illustration and narrative art as well. We each have a unique and distinctive style but our work goes well together because we are working in the same studios and using the same products and equipment. We also do a lot of fantastical and space thematic pieces and we are both working on our first books that initially, we will self publish in the next year. My book is a retelling of a fairytale "Red" and Chrisí is a unique illustrated novella with a character he invented when he was a teenager..."Soul Flyer Pilot"...
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Oil and Acrylic Painting

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